About Demon castles NFT

Solomon's Forest
1 min readJan 12, 2022
Demon Castle

The Demon Castle has inherent geo information, and is a design rendered according to this geo information. You can check the location coordinates and Google Plus code in the metadata of each Demon Castle.

The 1st generation Demon Castles are like governance token. Demon castle NFT holders have the right to vote on the main direction in the game. And this right will be maintained when the Solforest team releases a game based on geo information in the future. A total of 25416 the 1st generation Daemon Castles will be issued for the entire lifetime of the Solforest game series. That is, no more mint.

Also, as Demon castles are NFT assets, they are tradable on internal or external marketplace. And those castles have the right to airdrop tokens.

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